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Published: 21st December 2010
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Home Party Training Ideas

Entering the party plan business as a consultant is a great way to earn extra money, spend time with girlfriends, and have fun. How did you enter the home party plan business? Perhaps you were a guest at a home show and fell in love with the product and decided that you could sell the product. Perhaps the consultant was inspiring as she talked about her home party plan success. Regardless, you are now on your way to working as an independent contractor and being in business for yourself.

Being a party plan rep can earn you extra money, but you will have to work for the money. Although the product you are selling is a great product , whether it is candles, make-up, purses, or other items, you need party plan training to succeed and to receive home party bookings.

Home Party Success Tips

Whether this is your first party as an independent distributor or your 100th party, every rep and consultant can use a few home party plan tips to freshen up her or his presentation. Success depends on continued training!

1. If you are planning your first party and are experiencing a case of the nerves, then you may want to start small. Get your closest friend to host the first party. Have her invite people you are comfortable with and you will find that speaking is not so difficult.
2. Set a goal for each of your friends to host a party for you and ask that the ones that do invite at least three to four people you do not know. Of these three to four people, try some party plan motivation to get them to host a party for you. Each time you will be meeting new people, thus expanding your network.
3. If the business you are consulting for offers home party training webinars or a party plan seminar, be sure that you attend. Other consultants in your business can give you invaluable hints and tips that will help you to meet your goals.
4. Read your consultant handbooks. These handbooks were written by the best of the business and contain valuable home party plan info. The owners of these companies want you to succeed, because if you are making money, then they are making money.
5. Know your product . Home party plan consultants should love and know their products. If you are an expert on your product and enthusiastic about it, then your love and passion will shine through at parties, making others want to buy from you.

It is also important to ensure that your shows are fun. Consult with your hostess and make sure she has plenty of seating for everyone invited to one of your parties. Play a fun game at the beginning to break the ice and to have everyone relax. Be sure and point out all the free gifts and perks that your hostess is receiving. This should encourage others to book a party with you. Having samples for your guests to see is also important. Most importantly, have fun and let your personality sell your products for you.

Home party plan business success will come to you when you are a continuous student! Learn more training for finding party plan bookings. The #1 FREE resource center for home party plan training info is:

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